Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kwame Welcomes You

Kwame Welcomes You

From the Dem convention in August of 2006, for years I considered this a throwaway shot. Wasn't there to take pictures of Detroit, so I didn't put a lot of thought into it. Clicked a few on the Plaza, and went into Cobo, and sealed my own fate.

Above is why you save everything you shoot, even if you think you'll never use it. It's a piece of history. Little did we know that a mere five years later...

Kwame Kilpatrick's release from prison has been delayed until early next month to give authorities time to arrange transfer of his parole to Texas.

The Michigan parole board voted last month to free the former mayor of Detroit on July 24 or soon after.

At that point, he will have completed the minimum of his 18-month to five-year sentence for violating probation from crimes related to the text message scandal.

State authorities also granted Kilpatrick's request to rejoin his wife and three sons in the Dallas suburb of Grand Prairie. However, they have hit a snag in working out details of the transfer of supervision of his two-year parole, which will require him to start making payments as soon as possible toward the $1 million restitution he promised the city. He still owes more than $861,000.

We aren't done with Kwame yet - the federal trial for "running a criminal enterprise that took millions of taxpayer dollars" starts next year. Highly doubtful that I'll be there to shoot it, but it will keep some Detroit media photog in a job, that's for sure. Kwame's the gift that just keeps on giving.

And if he's guilty, let justice be served. Stay tuned.

Update: Kwame says, yeah, he lied, but the world was out to get him. Alrighty then. Carry on...