Monday, July 11, 2011

Out at Home

Bowling Green catcher Keith Castillo tags the Whitecaps' Luis Sanz in West Michigan's 11-7 loss Sunday at 5th3rd Park. Just an example of real reporting from a "political" blogger.

But Tim, how many traditional political reporters can catch the play at the plate?

Better watch where you paint with that broad-brush, or we might have to have a discussion about how I wasted two hours of my life writing a post based on your erroneous report about Granholm going to China. If we get things wrong, you may want to consider the source. And please don't lump us all together. The reasons for blogging are as varied as the people doing it. Some will be honest with the public about their intentions, some won't, but as I said the other day, at the least they are paying attention in the first place - and that counts for something.

A better story would be the death of the traditional media and how that has given rise to this new age of "opinion" journalism - and how the mainstream seems to be following the bloggers in that regard. Quite a bit of writing seems to be in the editorial style now, simply because it sells. And that's very scary on a certain level. How are people to find the facts if everyone is doing a spin?

Run that one by your editor and see if it will fly, ok? Besides, browbeating bloggers is so 2006. Either add a new dimension to the story, or drop it - because you certainly aren't going to stop it.