Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pinus Banksiana

Tall Trees
More trees.

Good things happen.

The Department of Natural Resources has planted 500,000 trees in the Roscommon Forest Management Unit this spring with funds provided by the Arbor Day Foundation.

The half-million tree seedlings will help improve habitat for a variety of wildlife, including the federally endangered Kirtland's Warbler, a neotropical migrant bird species whose breeding habitat is almost exclusively confined to young, dense jack pine stands located in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The Arbor Day Foundation funds were used to plant jack pine seedlings on about 850 acres in need of reforestation in the Damon Kirtland's Warbler management block. The seedlings were planted at a rate of 1,200 per acre, to produce the thick cover that the warbler needs for critical nesting habitat.

Two million jack pine seedlings have been planted this year for the Kirtland's Warbler habitat. Another 4.2 million seedlings have been planted on other state forest lands, bringing the total to 8,000(!) acres reforested this year.

Good to know. Thank the folks at the Arbor Day Foundation; they plant and/or distribute up to 14 million trees a year. Nice of them to dedicate so much to our state.