Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Birthday to Remember

Obama 3691
Happy Birthday Mr. President. And by the way, he's been gray for quite some time, whether you notice it or not depends on the lighting he's under. Watch for it, and you'll see the difference.

Well. Got our work cut out for us now, don't we?

  • Key words on the 500 pt. stock market drop today comes from WaPo:

    The Federal Reserve already has in place policies that have kept interest rates at near-record low levels, raising doubts about what more it can do. Meanwhile, the federal government has not shown the political capacity to enact new stimulus efforts.

    “If we tie the hands of fiscal policy, and monetary policy has no new weapons and households are still cutting back . . .that is what the financial markets are reflecting now,” said Dan Seiver, a finance professor at San Diego State University.

    This is incredibly scary stuff. Wonder if they saw it coming in 1937. Wait, don't tell me...

  • President Obama will be visiting Johnson Controls-Saft in Holland next week to talk about battery jobs. Between JCI and LG Chem, Holland has received 35% of the government's investment in the advanced battery industry. Jobs, jobs, jobs... going to need to show the stimulus created jobs because obviously it did, and we need more of that, please, as soon as possible.

  • GM up $2.5 billion in the 2Q. Nice. Their stock is a bit low on recession fears, but if I had more than ten bucks in my pocket I would buy now and sit on it. Just have this feeling... even though it may take some time...

  • Local government leaders don't like Rick Snyder or the direction Michigan is heading. La la la, he's not listening. Just you wait until the Republicans pass property tax cuts for business, too. It's on the list.

  • And here comes the predicted lawsuit concerning breaking union contracts under the expanded EMF law. Three Detroit public school employee unions are suing in US District Court in the wake of emergency manager Roy Roberts demanding a 10% pay cut and 20% contribution towards insurance for over 10,000 Detroit school employees. No dates set yet, I'm sure you'll hear about it when it happens.

  • The Mackinac Center is being annoying again. What else is new.

  • Really, really bad Michigan postcards. So bad they are hilarious. Check it out for a much-needed laugh.

    That's it for today, going to go hide under the bed now...