Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ford Focus Electric on the Late Show

David Letterman and Ford CEO Alan Mulally drive the Ford Focus electric around the stage on the Late Show. Good looking car!

“You are going to have a fantastic electrification of an entire family of vehicles from the Ford Motor Co. made right here in the United States of America,” said Mulally, who followed actress Emma Stone on the show.

Letterman, who said he owns two foreign electric vehicles, said the car was "great" as he drove it across the stage into a podium.

Mulally, who appeared to continually smile during the interview, said the all-electric vehicle is expected to get 80 miles on a charge. The vehicle’s range is comparable to the all-electric Nissan Leaf, which gets about 62-138 miles on a charge; and the Chevrolet Volt, which gets an estimated 50 miles on battery power.

Ford has not released the price of the vehicle, but Mulally said “it’s going to be very, very competitive.”

Look for it late this year. Got those chargers installed yet? Because here we go...