Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"I can't allow you to drive down I-75, Dave"

Meet the Ford Evos concept, a new hybrid plug-in that will be shown at the Frankfort Auto Show next month. Not only will it get great fuel economy, it's going to look after your health as well.

On the technology front, Evos will show the latest refinements in Ford's Sync in-vehicle communications platform.

“The intent is not to convert the vehicle into a smartphone, but rather to provide personalized and safe connection to the outside world,” Kuzak said.

The car, which also will be shown at next January's Detroit Auto Show, will provide a test bed for software apps Ford has developed that will allow drivers to monitor heart rates, blood sugar levels and pollen counts in the environment.

Ford researchers have already developed technologies focused on driver wellness, such as the heart-rate monitoring seat and certified allergy-free interiors.

“Our wellness research and technologies are focused on relieving driver stress and enhancing their situational awareness,” said Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technology officer.

And if the car senses you are past the optimum weight for your height and frame, perhaps the voice will have a few things to say when the GPS indicates you are pulling into a McDonald's... hey, are we really sure we want our cars talking to us?

(Video from the DNews, text from the Freep.)