Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live Stream of President Obama's Visit to Johnson Controls in Holland

Video: President Obama at JCI Holland:

I'm still on the media list for these events, but unfortunately due to family illness and camera issues (mostly the camera issues, if I can't shoot I'm not going through the hassle of Secret Service, even though they are real sweet people), I'm watching it on the TeeVee.

Local media is going full-blast on this as you can imagine.

WOOD has a full page dedicated to coverage, and will be streaming it live online and interrupting the soaps to broadcast as well. Bet they get some phone calls about that.

WZZM also has extensive coverage, including an interview with Heather Zichal, the Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy, that explains the reason for the President's visit and the great return we are getting on our investment.

Looks like the White House site will be audio only, perhaps they will have the entire video later. They tape everything.

Mlive is providing a live coverage chat, with Twitter updates at #obamaholland.

Joe LaFurgey at WOOD points out how the stimulus money that created these jobs is helping to bring down unemployment in the area.

WOOD also pointed out the other day the jobs being created by supply chain industries - which is the great untold story in all of this. Jobs beget jobs: Nine suppliers are already there, four more are interested in coming.

In other battery news today, A123 has signed a contract with GM to produce batteries and components; it's not known how many jobs that will create or what vehicles will be supplied at this time. GM has already contracted with LG Chem/Compact Power for the Volt. A123 recently hired its 1000th employee in Michigan, and obviously will be adding more in the future.

And to top this all off, the Dept. of Energy announced yesterday that Michigan will receive $46 million in grants for nine projects that will "target technologies such as lightweight materials, advanced batteries, new fluids and a number of methods to boost engine efficiency". Looks like a little under half will go to the Big Three, the rest distributed to other automotive companies over the next three-five years.

Jobs? Yeah, we know who is creating the jobs. Thanks go out to President Obama, Governor Granholm, the former team at MEDC, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, regional economic development and city officials like Lakeshore and others, and the members of Congress who voted to make this happen.

Take a bow folks, and ignore the jealous naysayers. This is an historic accomplishment that is already bringing great benefits to our state and to our country, and you deserve all the applause and accolades we can throw your way.

Update: Link to the President's remarks at Johnson Controls - and this was definitely a speech with a campaign flavor. President no happy with Congress, but then again, who is?