Friday, August 19, 2011

Made in America: The New Maserati SUV

For real.

Fiat's Maserati is betting that Italian luxury can also be a made-in-Detroit SUV.

The elite car brand, based in Modena, Italy, plans to build its first SUV at Chrysler's Jefferson North assembly plant, said a person familiar with the matter. A concept version of the model, which will be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, is to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show next month, said the person, who declined to be identified before the official announcement.

The American-made Maserati SUV is a product of the integration between Fiat and Chrysler. Sergio Marchionne, who runs both carmakers, aims to expand Maserati and sister brand Alfa Romeo by drawing on Fiat and Chrysler's combined size to boost profit.

Gotta hand it to Sergio, he does think big.

In other "now I've seen everything" news: Union-busting, drown-government Republican former Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt is a lobbyist for the Big Three, praising the bailout, the Obama administration, and the UAW.

Just goes to show you, money CAN buy you Republican love. And a SUV that will cost you well over $100,000.

What a country.