Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mean People Suck

The only folks left on any sort of cash assistance from the state are families with children. Children. 12,600 families, an estimated 25-30,000 children. (edit 8/25 - hard numbers from the DNews: 11,188 adults and 29,707 children) At a time when unemployment is starting to climb again, when 1,000 people show up to apply for 12 jobs at an Aldi's, and with the cold winter on the way, these rich, pampered Lansing assholes just voted to end a pittance of money to families with children - perhaps the only funds that were paying the utility bills, perhaps the only money that was keeping a roof over their heads.

These children were already living in poverty, and our legislature voted to put them in the street - all to give businesses more tax cuts.

The welfare limit already has been approved as part of the state budget that kicks in Oct. 1. Lawmakers plan to put the cap in a separate state statute to help implement the budget plan. The state's current four-year limit on welfare benefits would expire Sept. 30 unless the Legislature revises or extends the limitations.

The revised welfare limits have fewer exemptions than the four-year limit now in state law.

A family of three currently receiving cash assistance gets about $415 per month, a spokesperson for the Department of Human Services told 24 Hour News 8. The new welfare reform does not affect food assistance.

To add insult to injury, according to the MCC, these Republican legislators had NO CLUE what voting for this entails. I have a very hard time believing that, but then again, they are just that thoughtless, selfish and lazy that they wouldn't bother to study the impact of legislation on people. Party before state, ideology before compassion, right?

The Michigan Catholic Conference sent letters to Republican legislative leaders asking that the bill be sent to a joint House/Senate conference committee after immediate effect is granted so that public hearing can be held on the issue. Maluchnik said some Republican lawmakers were unaware that children would be among those to lose their benefits if the legislation is adopted.

Maluchnik noted that the number of children in poverty is listed as an indicator of economic strength on the "dashboard" Gov. Rick Snyder is using to chart Michigan's economic recovery.

"I don't see how booting tens of thousands of people off cash assistance is going to move that needle on the dashboard," Maluchnik said.

No, it won't, but it may gain a really hot place described by the Christian religion some new customers when these lawmakers deprive this earth of their presence. Pray for mercy on their souls - because they are going to need it.

And BTW, they just stuck it to the working folks as well, voting to cap the amount local governments and school districts can pay for employee insurance. So much for that local control - the state will now dictate what your schools and community can spend to attract the best and the brightest talent, right before they cut funding for that again to facilitate even more business tax cuts.

So, how does everyone like being a red state so far?