Saturday, August 13, 2011

Michigan Republicans Invite Communists to Vote in Primary

Who says they don't have a big tent?

Michigan Republicans decided Saturday to hold a presidential primary, with Feb. 28 seen as the most likely date.

After debate at the Lansing Center, the Michigan Republican Party State Committee voted 92-17 vote in favor of a primary, rather than a party caucus and convention, to allocate the delegates who will help select the party's presidential nominee at the national convention.


But Washtenaw County Republican Bill Bigler argued for the caucus and convention process, under which delegates would be chosen through a process that would begin with small meetings at the precinct level, followed by county conventions and a state convention. Bigler said the primary would be closed in name only.

"Any registered voter -- Republican, Democrat, communist -- is eligible," Bigler said.

Awesome! It's about time someone asked the communists what they think of the Republican candidates...

Of course I'm kidding. The Republicans are spending $10 million in taxpayer money to hold this primary; if "others" decide to vote in it to throw the results, don't come crying about it later.

(MDP Chairman Mark) Brewer said it's wrong for either party to meddle in the other's elections, but he expects it will happen again.

"I can't stop it," he said. "They're taking a huge risk that you're going to have all these people show up and vote who are not Republicans."

We even have vintage footage of previous meddling...

Should be fun. Study those issues now...