Monday, August 01, 2011

Satan Fries

From deep in the never-before-seen archives, the best smile in politics.

I am lovin' Nancy Pelosi today. She has brought a few laughs, which was hard to do given my mood about everything this morning. Jonathan Karl tweets:

@NancyPelosi tells @DianeSawyer it probably is a satan sandwich "with satan fries on the side" but she's still a "absolutely" a yes.

She's being a team player by voting for this - but she's also not whipping Dems, telling them to "vote their conscience". Here's Nate Silver:

Pelosi's strategy may be: force Rs in swing districts to own the bill. Without much Dem and Tea support, almost all will have to vote aye.

And here's Dave Weigel:

Pelosi: Can it pass? "You have to ask the Speaker. He has the majority." #ohsnap

Hang 'em high, Nancy. This is their ransom, make them own it.

Update: And in the end, the House Ds split their vote 95-95. Kind of explains everything right there, doesn't it.