Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time to Buy Some Legislators: Snyder Forms a PAC

They grow up so fast, don't they?

Gov. Rick Snyder is forming a political action committee called "One Tough Nerd," stirring speculation he needs more financial muscle to win approval of his controversial bridge plan.

Paperwork to form the "One Tough Nerd" committee was recently filed with the Michigan Secretary of State. Snyder's press secretary, Sara Wurfel, confirmed Thursday the PAC is Snyder's.

It's official. He's a politician. But you could tell that already by his poll numbers.

But unlike Granholm or Engler, Snyder refused to accept PAC donations during his campaign for governor in 2010. Corporations and lobbying groups often form PACs, and Snyder said during the campaign he refused to accept PAC money to show that he would not be beholden to special interests.

Forming the committee may be "a practical necessity" as Snyder tries to push through legislation to create a public authority to oversee construction of a new international bridge across the Detroit River, said Rich Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

Now to track who he donates to...

Welcome to the big leagues, Rick. Surprised it took this long.