Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Vote Here

Need to vote today? You sure? Check here:

Michigan Voter Information Center

Pretty quiet in GR, just one race in the 1st Ward over on the west side. WOOD has a nice round-up of other issues on the ballot in West Michigan. Click the link above to see what you might have going on in your area.

A quick scan of the Detroit papers (at this moment) doesn't show any voting stories, as Kwame has sucked all the oxygen out of the room once again. But I know the Troy library millage is up for another vote; that's been an on-going fight for quite some time now.

Good luck folks, hope it passes!

The next day... Yes, it did pass. Troy will keep the library open. And from a lede at Gongwer: "Voters across the state showed a willingness to raise their property taxes in Tuesday elections, even in communities noted for their traditional fiscal conservatism." Funny how that happens...