Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bring On the Batteries: LG Chem Construction in Holland is Complete

This has been a very tough news day, so I just had to blog something that made me smile.

Construction work on the 600,OOO-square-foot LG Chem lithium Ion battery plant is complete and operators for making the batteries are now being trained.

That was the word from LG Chem Planning Director Kee Eun this morning during a Holland Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting.

Eun said about 300 employees would be on site working in 2012 when the plant goes to full production.

“It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago the land on East 48th Street was best for growing corn and now is one of the largest construction projects in the state of Michigan,” Holland Mayor Kurt Dykstra told 260 Chamber members attending the meeting at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

LG Chem is going to make batteries for the Chevy Volt. I'm wondering how the impending free trade agreement with S. Korea is going to impact the battery market, but Planning Director Kee Eun of LG Chem, a Korean company, indicates that Holland will be "hometown for advanced battery production in the U.S." as far as they are concerned.

So be it. Let's keep it that way.

In other good "jobs for the west side" news, Farmers Insurance, featured in this 2009 MEGA credit post, held the grand opening on their new campus in Caledonia today. The Snyder administration was there to downplay the "role of government" for this achievement, as they did at Energetx earlier this year, but the 1,600 people that Farmers plans to hire probably are very happy that someone decided to create some jobs.

By the way, where are those thousands of jobs from the Snyder administration? Seems to me all these celebrations are courtesy of Democratic economic policy.

Funny, that.