Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diluted DeVos

Pete Hoekstra explains to the GR Press why he sucked as a gubernatorial candidate. Grab your tissues, it's a heart-breaker.

“We didn't raise enough money and we didn't have the organizational capacity to run a statewide race,” Hoekstra said Monday.

“We made it to the finish line, but we were physically exhausted,” said Hoekstra, who came in second to Gov. Rick Snyder.

Are you feeling the confidence yet? No matter, Pete has lined himself up some big names and big money this time - and one in particular stood out.

The $1,500-a-couple event was co-hosted by Amway Corp. Chairman Steve Van Andel, Amway President Doug DeVos, Calvin College President Gaylen Byker, Van Andel Institute chief executive Dave Van Andel, former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and real estate developers Sam Cummings and Gary Granger.

So you have Daddy going with Hekman, Betsy (and presumably Dick) going with Durant, and now Doug throws in with Hoekstra. Very interesting. That's some serious family money, working at cross-purposes of each other.

Look for Hekman to drop out. Durant is another story though - yesterday he picked up GM wiz Bob Lutz to run the financial arm of his campaign, which means he ain't going anywhere. A poll from Public Polling Associates has Hoekstra crushing the competition so far, but it's early days...

This could be popcorn-worthy yet. Stay tuned.

Update 9/18: Looks like Daddy is hedging his bets and attended the Hoekstra fundraiser as well.

Yeah, bye-bye, Randy.