Monday, September 26, 2011

End of an Era

I used to take a lot of grief for being a so-called Lansing "insider". "How do you know so much?", they would ask.

They just assumed.

They were wrong.

Time to let you in on a little secret. I was never an "insider". No one ever told me what to write, no one ever told me what was going on, this has been all me, all this time, all these years. I did it from my house here in Grand Rapids, by reading everything I could possibly get my hands on. And I took it from there.

A great deal of my knowledge of state government, from now to going back many years before I ever starting blogging, came from this guy here:

Peter Luke
Peter Luke, at the Hillary Clinton GR Obama campaign stop, 2008

So it brings me great sadness to read this today:

rhaglund Booth Lansing Bureau political writer Peter Luke calls it a career Friday after 25 years covering the capital.

I introduced myself to Peter at the Clinton campaign stop above in '08, and have run into him again at various events since then. I don't know how he feels about bloggers, but he was always very nice to me. Last time I saw him was at a protest last spring, typing away on a laptop in the top floor of the Capitol. We had a good chat about the show going on below.

Damn. I am really going to miss him. Hope he lands somewhere, like Haglund at Bridge, where he can tell us what is going on, in that fair and balanced way of his.

But if not, a heartfelt "thanks" and "fare thee well" goes out today to Peter Luke for all the great work over the years. This citizen is very grateful he was here to report and analyze all the happenings in state government, and it's a great loss to the reading and voting public that he is leaving.

KBH, it's all on you now...