Friday, September 02, 2011


What year is this, Pop?

Happy weekend. Looks like we are going to get the full range of Pure Michigan weather over Labor Day - from oppressive humidity and temps in the mid-90s today, to highs that will only hit the mid-60s on Monday. Can't say we are boring...

  • Aretha! So glad to see her doing so well. Makes it tempting to go see President Obama in Detroit on Labor Day, but alas, I already had previous plans. Sounds like all your favorite Michigan Congresscritters will be there, as well as the biggest names in labor. Will be interesting to see if we get a preview of the speech to come next week. Open to the public, get there early! Follow the link for instructions.

  • Must read diary at Kos charts Republican Obstruction with a capital "O". Go read, it's astounding when you add it up. As far as Speechgate goes: Look. If the WH doesn't realize what they are up against yet, they need to get outside the bubble more often. These are the people that just took down our national credit rating; being disrespectful about a speech is child's play to them. The President's handlers need to wake up and realize this is a war.

  • Krugman follows up on that theme in taking down Eric Cantor and the Republicans on FEMA funding. Innocent (and I would add vulnerable) people are being taken hostage by the GOP as "standard operating procedure" now, and it needs to stop.

  • Auto sales still going strong in August, unless your name was Toyota or Honda. (They should be back to speed any second now though.) The Big Three did very well; Chrysler led the pack with 31% sales growth, followed by GM at 18% and Ford at 11%. The Freep has a breakdown on the models sold that were assembled in Michigan. Thank the nice President when you see him, OK?

  • China is looking to invest in Saab. They are also making a bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Must be nice to be rich.

  • Highest Labor Day gas prices ever this year; by this time in 2008, they were already on the way down. Do you get the impression that they have found the sweet spot at about $3.85 a gallon?

  • Drive careful out there, get in some practice for the time we won't have no-fault covering us anymore. Lester Graham takes an in-depth look at the next Very Bad Republican Idea to come down the shoot - eliminating no-fault will increase premiums and push the costs of catastrophic injury onto Medicaid in some cases, which is exactly what the Republicans and the insurance industry have in mind. Polls say people are against the idea, but public opinion doesn't seem to matter to our "representatives" anymore. Keep an eye on this one.

  • The DNR warns of high fire risk this weekend, so watch that grilling and campfire action. It's been pretty dry for August, especially in the western UP and the central counties in the northern lower peninsula.

  • If you're sticking around home this weekend and need something to do, Celebration Cinema has knocked $1 off admission prices for the month of September on first-run movies.

    Be safe, arrive alive, and enjoy your holiday.