Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Dems Stand Strong Against Republican Job-Killing Auto Loan Cuts

This is how we do it.

In a surprise vote, the U.S. House rejected a short-term bill to fund the government that would have cut $1.5 billion from a program that offers low-interest government loans to the auto industry.

By a 195-230 vote, the House rejected a bill that would fund the federal government through Nov. 18 and provide $3.7 billion for disaster relief. Democrats successfully labeled the bill a "jobs killer," while some Republicans said it spent too much money. Republicans must now find another way to fund the government's operations after Sept. 30.

In an email to members, the House Democratic Leadership urged members to vote against the measure that would cut funds for "a program that is a job-creator."

In 2008, Congress approved $7.5 billion to fund up to $25 billion in loans from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program. The program has awarded about $9.2 billion in six loans — including $5.9 billion to Ford Motor Co.

"The money in this program is responsible for thousands of American jobs and helps automakers and auto parts suppliers build next-generation vehicles that will comply with increased mileage and emissions standards, and ensure that the domestic auto manufacturers have the capacity to make these technologies in America rather than import them from China and other countries," House Democrats said. "This is a dangerous cut that will affect American jobs and another example of the Republicans inability to compromise, and the continuation of their no jobs agenda."

Gary Peters points out that this is the program that brought jobs back from Mexico - Ford is building the Focus here in Michigan due to these loans.

And again, these are loans. Not "spending", loans. As in, government gets paid back. The Republicans, in trying to cut the remaining money in the program, would have cost us future jobs and innovation, as many companies have outstanding applications and are waiting on a decision.

(Note to the DOE: Get moving.)

Democrats whipped against this bill, and it worked. Only 6 Dems voted for - and 47 Reps voted against.

Yea team. Keep up the good work.