Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MI Republicans Target Democratic Lawmaker Who Refused to Shorten Unemployment Benefits

Vote to hurt your unemployed constituents, or be recalled. That's the message Republicans are sending to Rep. Brandon Dillon here in the 75th.

The petition, which must pass muster at a Sept. 29 hearing by the Kent County Election Commission, lists Dillon's “no” vote on a bill that would have shortened unemployment benefits as the reason for recalling the first term legislator.

If approved, the petition requires the collection of 6,845 signatures within Dillon's district within 90 days.

Nice guys, huh? Especially on the day that it's reported that a record number of 46.2 million Americans are living in poverty, and that unemployment benefits are keeping another 3.2 million out of poverty.

Dillon says this is just a "distraction", and he's right, but it sure says a lot about the Michigan Republican Party when their angle is that you better push more people into poverty faster, or we will take you out.

Of course, they have other reasons. See if you can pick out the magic word.

“Brandon Dillon has a track record of misleading the taxpayers into believing he's fighting on their behalf when in fact, his voting records reveals he's fighting on behalf of union bosses and other special interests,” (Kent County GOP Chairman Sam) Moore said in a statement.

Ah yes. Bottom line for Michigan Republicans is.... * drum roll * ...union busting. End of story. That's all they care about. They certainly don't care about the people they are hurting. After all, they already pushed this vote through. The benefits are shortened. It's all about their partisan political agenda.

And it shows everyday.