Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet the New Senate Republicans, Same as the Old Senate Republicans

Some things never change.

New Detroit bridge. You've seen the ads. You've heard the debate. Been going on for years and years. Surprised the Canadians haven't told us to "stuff it" and taken their offer to New York by now. So embarrassing.

The latest. Senate Republicans refuse to pass legislation out of committee, Snyder administration offers sweeteners to get Dem votes; namely protective benefits for the citizens that will be displaced by the new bridge. Reasonable, yes? Of course. This was bargained at the last second yesterday, with much paperwork confusion that upset delicate Republican cognitive functions, causing committee to adjourn in a huff. "Huff!", they said, and left. Nothing new there.

Come back today, and Republicans shoot down the agreement that would have helped citizens...

Minutes earlier, a substitute bill supported by Democrats, which provided community benefits for Delray area of southwest Detroit, where the bridge would be located, was voted down, 5-2, on a party-line vote.

... and Democrats, understandably, walked on the subsequent vote for the original language without the citizen protection...

The bill for the New International Trade Crossing was defeated 3-2 in the Senate Economic Development Committee, with the two Democrats on the committee abstaining from the vote.

... which then caused Majority Leader Richardville, with a 26-12 super-majority of his own party in this chamber, mind you, to blame the Democrats for the failure of the vote.

GongwerMichigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville just told reporters he is done with the proposed #NITC bridge legislation for now, blames Dems.

That's about enough now, don't you think?

“Apparently the Republicans fail to understand that acting in a bipartisan manner means living up to your word when agreements are reached,” (Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit) said in a release. “While we were focused on crafting sound public policy, the Republicans were simply wasting everyone’s time. In a year that’s seen such rampant partisanship from their side of the aisle, this may mark a new low in the legislative process.”

For all time, or just this year? Because this seems to be standard operating procedure with a Senate Republican majority, and apparently it doesn't matter what year it is, or who is running the show. They will have everything done their way, period, end of story, even when they won't put up the votes for their own legislation. If the Democrats don't go along with it, they will a) throw a hissy hit and then b) blame the Democrats for the consequences of Republican behavior.

Hope the Democrats hold out for more now. Or no votes for this. Let Snyder do it by executive order if he has to.

On behalf of the sane citizens of Michigan, deepest apologies go out today to the Canadian government. We are so, so sorry. You have no idea how much.

Let's go to the video tape: Here's the Senate Dems - pay close attention to what Senator Whitmer has to say.