Thursday, October 06, 2011


The big ArtPrize finale is tonight. In this set is at least one picture of each Top Ten entry, I'm not going to say which is which (you can look it up easily enough). Will update when the winners are announced; in some cases, crowds and weather conditions put a damper on getting the best shots of the finalists. I'm putting more pictures up as I go along too - might even go back this weekend before they tear it all down. There is a lot to see, and venues I haven't been to yet.

Far be it from me to judge an artist's muse, or the taste of the American public for that matter, but IMHO, the best work can be found outside the Top Ten this year. There are some really great sculptures, paintings, photography, and other mediums that aren't being recognized, simply because they aren't in high traffic areas, or they aren't big/flashy enough, etc. and so on. Huge debate going on right now about the quality and repetition we are seeing in the Top Ten.

If you get a chance, go. One great thing is that places that usually charge admission, like the Art Museum and the Public Museum, are free. So take advantage of that at least! But just enjoy the art, all of it, and leave all the controversy for later...

(Edit to add: The pics I took are not necessarily representative of my favorites; they are just items that crossed my path, or had good lighting, or I caught a break in the traffic that allowed a clear shot...)

Update: "Crucifixion" won the top prize. See the top half of it here. She won 2nd place last year with "Svelata", same size, same style.

And 2nd place this year went to the guy who won 2nd place in the inaugural year, and he did essentially the same piece - a mosaic on the side of a building.

A new rule that the Top Ten cannot enter next year seems like a good thing at this point, unless you want the same people and same art to keep winning year after year...