Monday, October 24, 2011

Richardville Film Legislation Doesn't Include New Funding

Oh. My. G.... We are going through all this song and dance for a bill that doesn't lift the cap? Are you kidding me with this?

Richardville's legislation doesn't allocate any additional funds to the program, but it describes specific production costs that qualify and the percentage of costs (initially, between 27 and 30 percent) they would be reimbursed for. The Michigan Film Office said this month it would not take any applications for the current fiscal year until such a framework was in place.

So this new media blitz on Randy's part is utter nonsense. If we are stuck at $25 million a year, Hollywood will NOT be back in a big way.

Here is the latest list of state film incentives. Louisiana's credits are still in the neighborhood of 35%, with no cap. Georgia offers 30% with no cap. Those two alone will beat us out for the bulk of the business.

This is all smoke and mirrors on the part of Michigan Republicans to cover their ass for losing the film jobs. Hope someone with a big microphone calls them out on it.

Jeff? Michael? Mitch? Care to speak to this?