Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Richardville Uses Hollywood Star to Tell Us Film Credits Shouldn't Go to Hollywood Stars

This is a riot. Let's stand back and watch the Republicans twist themselves into all kinds of knots to justify the return of the Michigan film incentives less than a year after they jumped up and down and insisted on eliminating them.

Senator Randy Richardville is positively giddy about dropping a big Hollywood name...

Richardville told AM-1270 host and WWJ political analyst Charlie Langton that Governor Rick Snyder’s administration does not want an encore of what happened with ”Ironman 3,” which went to another state.

“They learned from that and now are out negotiating on a Steven Spielberg movie, and I can’t really get into a whole lot of detail now,” said Richardville. “You could be hearing something very, very exciting over the next couple of weeks.”

Ooo, squeal! Spielberg? Wow!

But then he goes on to say this:

“We have a lot of jobs here in Michigan that were created and now we just have to be competitive and make sure that credit goes back to Michigan businesses and Michigan employees,” said Richardville. “Because it’s all about the working class here, not the Hollywood stars.”

And again, he's lying to try and cover up for the way Republicans have bungled up the messaging as well as the entire program. The Michigan film incentives were capped on individual salaries at $2 million per person per production - which means they couldn't write-off a huge portion of a major star's salary in the first place.

But whatever. Maybe we can get some of the jobs the REPUBLICANS SENT AWAY back again.

Someone should write a script about this. It could be the central plot line of "Dumb and Dumber Get Elected to Office". A laugh a minute, to be sure.

UPDATE: Check out the latest news - Richardville legislation doesn't provide additional funding, credits still capped at $25 million a year. This is a big show for nothing.