Saturday, October 15, 2011

70s Saturday: "My Little Town"

Simon & Garfunkel My little town Live 1975 by wild-strawberry

Happy Birthday to Paul Simon, who turned 70 last Thursday.

This is from the Saturday Night Live appearance of October 18th, 1975, not easy to find as a stand alone, NBC being as difficult as they can be at times. The audio isn't the greatest and I apologize for the commercial, but this was a historic performance of this song - and it's always been one of my favorites.

"My Little Town" was written by Simon for Art Garfunkel's solo album "Breakaway". After Paul played it for him in the studio, they decided to record it together, and it subsequently appeared on both of their solo albums that were released within weeks of this televised reunion. The song broke the Top Ten on Billboard in late 1975 - not bad for a duo that had "officially" split-up in 1970.

In 1975 I turned 10, I rode my bike to school sometimes, and the factory in this case was a little company called "Amway". Although I didn't ride past its gates, I could see it (and when the wind was right, smell it) at recess, my school sitting on a big hill that overlooked the town of Ada. My Mom had "Breakaway" on 8-track. I might even still have it in the basement in a box. So quaint, the way the songs would break in the middle and then re-start again as it jumped to the next track...

Art will turn 70 on November 5th. Hard to believe, isn't it?