Friday, October 14, 2011

Why is Governor Snyder Campaigning for President Obama?

Once again, Governor Snyder will be on-hand to celebrate Michigan jobs that were created by Democrats...

crummc Charlie Crumm by TheOaklandPress

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has indicated via email that he will also join President Obama on his tour of the General Motors Assembly Plant

... but according to the MRP, this is just a "campaign trip" for the President.

Republican Party officials held a conference call this morning saying President Barack Obama’s trip to Michigan is a move to bolster his position in the state in advance of the 2012 election – despite the fact the White House says it is all about jobs to be created by a trade deal with South Korea.


“This is a campaign trip to Michigan today, make no doubt about it,” said Wiley. “They’re looking at their prospects in Michigan and thinking they’re in a lot of trouble, with all these visits.”

Well, so glad then that Governor Snyder has decided to help out with the campaign! Thanks Rick!

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Edited to add: Check out this bit of revisionist history, because you are probably going to see it again and again next year.

Romney, for one, has said the auto companies needed to go through a structured bankruptcy – as they did – but that taxpayers should not have been on the hook for the money lent them.

Schostak made the same argument during the call today, saying capital markets – the banks – would have been there to invest in the auto companies, leaving the taxpayers out of it.

“The auto bailout was welcome dollars,” Schostak said, but “bankruptcy should be handled through the capital markets.”

Please point out which major TARP bailed-out bank was ready and willing to loan both GM and Chrysler billions of dollars in late 2008. Just name one.

We'll wait.

Thought so.

Thankfully the Freep points out what a farce this argument is, and the fact that all of the Michigan congressional delegation (except the absent Walberg) voted to lend the automakers the money.