Saturday, November 05, 2011

Death of the Middle Class March Today in GR

Today at 11am. Bring your noisemakers.

We are the People (Grand Rapids) is hosting the Death of the Middle Class March on Saturday Nov 5th 2011. Starting at 11 am at the intersection of Ottawa St and Pearl St in downtown Grand Rapids, the march will emulate a New Orleans-style funeral (also called a “second line”).

In a New Orleans style funeral, musicians playing a wide variety of instruments march behind the funeral procession (hence the term "second line") playing somber, mournful music on the way to the cemetery. On the way back from the cemetery, the music usually takes on a more jovial tone to turn the procession into a celebration of the life of the deceased, and an active appreciation of the life those left behind still possess.

Born out of collective frustration over the current difficult economic circumstances and political atmosphere in the United States, the Death of the Middle Class March is billed as a funeral to commemorate the death of the middle class in America.

The March will end at Calder Plaza where there will be speakers, donuts, hot cocoa, ect.

Among the many reasons listed for the mock funeral/march, We are the People lists issues such as Michigan’s high unemployment, cuts to k-12 education funding, cuts to college level funding, the new 48 month low-income assistance timeline, the taxing of senior’s pensions, reduction of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the introduction of “Right to Work” bill.

Ooo, donut.

It's a beautiful day, come on down.