Saturday, November 19, 2011

End of the Old Market


They are tearing down the Fulton St. Farmers Market to put in a permanent, year-round structure. It will be very nice when they are done, but there was something quaint and traditional about the old, open-air stalls with the city-block long bench where people would set-up shop for the day. Any pictures I took of vegetables, the famous shoe plant, the toy on the journey, other miscellaneous items - a lot of those things came from this market. It's been there my entire life; rather disconcerting to walk by and see it (mostly) gone.

I usually would walk through on my way to somewhere else, I wonder if I still will when I have to go inside a building. We will see.

The last quarter towards Fountain St. is still standing, and today it was packed with both vendors and shoppers. The shot above is looking toward Fulton St. through a Xmas wreath.

More: Here's the entire market as it was in the very early morning of July 3rd, 2011.