Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Montague Re-elects Deceased Mayor

I thought this was sweet.

Montague has a new mayor for the first time in 20 years despite more votes being cast for the longtime incumbent who died a week before the election.

Henry Roesler Jr., who was seeking his 11th consecutive term as mayor, received the most votes cast in the city's mayoral election, but his votes don't officially count based on state law. Therefore, Kevin Erb, the challenger, won the two-year term.

Roesler received 129 votes, while Erb garnered 115 votes.

The state law that impacted this race states, “Any votes cast for a deceased candidate are void and shall not be counted.”

Read the wonderful write-up from Dave Alexander on his passing. He was a WWII vet that served the community starting on the police force in 1954, and first ran for mayor in 1991.

From the sounds of it, he WAS that town, and it's very nice that he won his race. Big shoes to fill; good luck and best wishes to the new mayor.