Monday, November 21, 2011

Next Time, Chaperones

You did what?

In the eyes of Republicans, when Democrats rejected the Toomey plan, saying it would provide a windfall for millionaires and billionaires, little more could be accomplished.

Both sides used remarkably similar language to describe their frustrations. A Democrat involved in the negotiations said: “We made a reasonable offer and got nothing in return. We got naked in the room. Republicans are standing there in overcoats, hats and gloves and are toasty warm.”

A Republican aide, who believed Mr. Toomey made a good-faith proposal and got nothing from Democrats in return, said a few days later: “We showed some leg. The Democrats want us to get completely naked.”

Yet another reason to be grateful for the failure of the supercommittee.

In the end, Republican greed was stronger than the Democratic proclivity to commit political suicide. Given that the electorate was strongly opposed to cuts to Social Security and Medicare, perhaps we should be thankful that Grover Norquist just saved the Obama presidency.

I knew he'd come in handy one of these days.