Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bing to Present "United Front" Against State Intervention

Wait, what? We are all over the board at this point. The DNews keeps changing their story copy too. Here is the latest:

A state review of the city's finances could come as early as Friday, but Mayor Dave Bing won't be the one asking for it, his spokesman said today.

State officials have repeatedly said they want the city to initiate the review process as it works to bail itself out of a financial crisis. But Bing has refused, saying he wants the city to fix its budget without state intervention.

City spokesman Dan Lijana said Gov. Rick Snyder is moving toward a review of the city's finances, but "Mayor Bing will not be requesting it."

Bing will join city council members, union leaders, ministers and businesspeople at a 5 p.m. press conference at City Hall to address the looming financial review and present a united front against state intervention in Detroit's affairs.

Representatives for the governor and state treasurer said today the financial review is under consideration but would not say when it might happen.

More to be revealed at the news conference...

Update: The news conference basically featured Bing and the Council and labor leaders telling Lansing no, we are running this city, we don't want an EM, and by the way, where's our money. Snyder looks like he may appoint a review anyway.

Are we headed for a showdown here? Or is all this a bluff to bring everyone together to avoid an EM? Stay tuned...