Monday, December 05, 2011

There's Just No Pleasing You People

So. You were grumpy with the cool progressive visionary governor. Now you don't like the authoritarian business guy governor. Just what is it that will make you people happy, huh? From the MSU State of the State Fall Survey:

Gov. Rick Snyder's favorable rating plummeted again, and has fallen consistently since taking office.

Only 19.3 percent of Michigan residents rated Snyder's job performance as "excellent" or "good," down from 31.5 percent in the spring survey and 44.5 percent when he came into office.

MLive (and survey director MSU's Charles Ballard) goes on to say that Snyder is now below Granholm's numbers - as compared to when she left office. Why they don't compare them to her numbers at the same time in the term, which would have been Fall 2003, I really don't know. I can't get the damn MSU .pdf to open, but I believe her approval was still in the 50's on a timeline comparison, so, really, there is no comparison. Rick has driven his happy bus right over the cliff.

You thought you wanted to "run the state like a business" and you were WRONG. Now you're unhappy. And lookee there, it's his own people who are a big part of the problem.

Snyder's falling numbers are due in large part to a growing lack of support from Republicans, Ballard said. Nearly 66 percent of Republicans rated Snyder's job performance favorably in the spring survey.

Now, support from the GOP is down to 32.3 percent.

But... but... but... you picked him! And he's got a Republican legislature, so don't be looking in that direction! This is all on you, Republicans. All of it.

If this is the way you're going to be, I don't see how we trust you with this presidential primary stuff. You'll just screw that up too. Maybe the Michigan Republican Party needs an Emergency Manager to pick your winner, because you obviously can't handle the "tough choices" necessary here.


But have some faith, because there is one group of people that we all are really disappointed with...

Less than 1 percent of survey respondents gave Congress an "excellent" or "good" mark, a harsher assessment than what's been reported in national surveys, Ballard said.

Those polls typically find about 9 to 14 percent of the county approving of Congress' job.

Less than one. And Obama is coming in at 40.5, so he's the big winner here in Unhappy Land this time around.

Good for him.

Although, maybe we're not much of a prize...