Thursday, February 02, 2012



Donner Pass. Amazingly beautiful, and this is just the rest area. The real Donner Pass is actually a few miles from this spot, you can read about it here. Apparently I got very lucky with the weather.

A little bit further down the road, I looked out the window and over the side, and it looked foggy. Thick and wide, it covered the view. Thought it odd. It's only when I started to descend from 7,240 ft. down a twisting, turning, very steep road, ears popping a few times, that I realized I was looking at the top of the clouds up there. It was an overcast day at the bottom of the mountain.

I know I'm jumping out of sequence, have a few more of Wyoming and Utah I will get to eventually. It's been suggested that I write about the whole trip; maybe I'll do that before it gets lost to time that will start to erase the memory.