Monday, March 05, 2012



... is actually about five miles inland from Bodega Bay. The town is just a stop in the road, with some stores ranging from a general store to a surf shop, and St. Teresa's Church, which you can see in the picture above. Here is a shot of Suzanne Pleshette from the Hitchcock film "The Birds", house and church in view.

This is about the only recognizable set left from the movie; the rest either have been torn down, remodeled, or filmed in the Universal lot in LA in the first place. The house as it appeared in the movie is at that link - and that was a spliced shot, with the kids filmed on a treadmill at Universal.

Some other people were there when I arrived and they were filming themselves with an iPhone, running screaming down the hill away from the house, just like the kids did in the movie.

Took them three takes, but they finally got it right. Funny stuff.