Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Much Again?


Tweet from one of my favorite reporters, Chad Livengood: "Regular unleaded #gas is $4.15/gallon at the Shell station at I-94 & US-127 in #Jackson, #Michigan."

Dude. Please.

(Actually, the shot above was in Berkeley last weekend, and it is one of the highest prices I've seen. Today, I saw a $4.35 and a $4.45 in West Oakland. It really varies quite a bit in price from city to city around here.)

Update 3/31: My Dad tells me it's at $4.09 in GR - it's $4.19 here in Oakland, saw a couple of $4.23s and $4.29s in Berkeley and Emeryville. Go figure. Really wild price swings, glad I don't drive much.