Monday, April 30, 2012

Unite Against the War on Women - Sacramento

Capitol? Protest? Lots of great signs? How could I resist?

Sacramento is only a little over and hour and a half away, so on Saturday I decided to drag my sickly butt up there and do what I do - take lots of pictures of people yelling at the government. Big fun. I'm guesstimating there were about 300 people there, pretty fired up and creative crowd. Listened to a few speeches, sang a few songs (I still can't get Helen Reddy out of my head) and off we marched and chanted down the streets of the beautiful capitol of Cal-lee-forn-i-a to a little park where there were more speeches and music and food and what not. Good time. is a new organization born from the Republican attack against women's health care and reproductive rights of the last few years. This was their first nationwide action, expect more to come as this election year wears on. I'm guessing the numbers are going to continue to grow...