Friday, June 15, 2012

Catnip 6/15/12: From The Ashes


I can remember one of the first random thoughts I had about this construction as I rode by: "Gee, I feel sorry for whoever is going to live or work here, because it's awfully close to the tracks." Yeah, it was.

Not the prettiest of pictures, as it was shot through a dirty BART window as we were rolling by last night, but just thought I'd show you the aftermath of my 3 1/2 hour morning commute yesterday. Going home was great though - no one on the trains, as they had made other arrangements.

And there was some news...

Loved this speech. Hope people are paying attention, because that is the whole election, right there. Compare and contrast to this...

If you liked George Bush, you'll love what the people who pull Mitt Romney's strings have in mind. "The difference between Romney’s vision, rather than Obama’s, would be many fewer people with health insurance, into the tens of millions; less money for a variety of federal programs, including ones that help young people pay for college, enable poor people to get food, and provide public safety; fewer dollars for repairing broken down bridges, upgrading public transportation and other infrastructure investments; and much, much lower taxes for wealthy Americans." Speaking of wealthy Americans...

The Koch Brothers are their own political party. That should be obvious by now. And they will be in charge if you elect the Republicans. End of story.

Public sector austerity doesn't work. We have lots of evidence.

Michigan, my Michigan. Enjoying your turn in the national spotlight? Going to do something about it this year? And talk about insulting - Laura Berman admits that she wasn't paying attention to the "war on women", and that reveals something very important: Maybe it's not the politicians that are out of touch with the electorate. Maybe it's the media that blows off harmful policy that hurts people as simple "politics" that is the biggest part of the problem. And maybe they need to wake the f___ up too. But you knew that already, didn't you.

And by the way Michigan, don't think that you are unique. Virginia is poised to sign into law "the most restrictive" laws against choice in the nation, read and find out what that entails. So, Michigan Republicans, you've failed at being the biggest jerks, too.

Applause for Senator Stabenow, who is quietly negotiating the farm bill through the Senate. Seeing as how they plan on grinding progress to a halt on most everything else (annoucing yesterday that judical appointments will be blocked until after the election), it will be some sort of miracle if something this big actually gets done.

Soot. Get it out of the air. The Koch Party won't be happy about that though.

Breaking as I write this: The Obama administration will stop deporting immigrants who were brought here as children and have been living and working in America. Not citizenship, but work permits that will remove the threat of deportation. GOP heads are exploding as I type.

With that, I'm off to deal with the last day of this crazy week...