Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catnip 7/10/12: Against the Wind


Tree at Point Reyes Lighthouse. The fog was coming in at about 50 miles an hour at the time I was there, so I didn't get many pictures. Quite the experience though - fog blizzard! You go from 80s and sunny to low 60s and a windy white-out in the space of 2 miles.

Story of the day: Jonathan Gruber in the New Republic, telling us that the Affordable Care Act is not a job-killer as the Republicans like to claim. Once again, Congress is about to embark on yet another massive waste of your time by taking their 31st vote for repeal. Yawn.

In sum, we know that the ACA will increase jobs in the medical sector in the short run, above and beyond any partial offsets from new excise taxes on that sector. We know that the ACA will improve the functioning of our labor market in the medium run, by allowing workers to move to the positions in which they are most productive and satisfied. We know that there will be little economic drag from taxes on the wealthy or the small equity payments imposed on employers. And there is a good chance that the ACA will greatly improve the economy in the long run by controlling the rate of health care cost increase. The choice between protecting our most vulnerable citizens and improving our economy is a false one—fully implementing the ACA will make both our citizens and our economy more secure.

Need some other news? Check Ezra as usual - I'm off to the store this morning, so I gotta run.