Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catnip: 8/21/12: Time Keeps On Slippin'


Sunset at the Golden Gate. 1000 px here.

Not a lot of time this morning, here are a few items -

The GOP platform is taking shape for the convention, watch this unfold over the next few days. Some tidbits: No abortion, ever, not rape, not incest, not life of the mother (call it the "Akin" plank), defense of Traditional Marriage and a call for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and loss of your mortgage interest tax deduction. Wind energy tax credits gone too. These are just for starters, wait until it's all official.

More wind energy job layoffs, this time at Clipper Windpower of Iowa, recently sold to a California company. 174 positions. "Wind power enthusiasts in Iowa say that sale probably had some bearing on the layoff announcement. A bigger factor, though, may be the deadlock in Congress to extend tax credits for the wind industry. The current credits expire on Dec. 31." Oh, and China is complaining that US government support on renewables is violating free trade rules (pot, meet kettle), but if the Republicans have their way we won't have to worry about that much longer, will we.

Dana Milbank is the latest to call out Romney on the lack of detail in his future plans. "The difference with Obama, though, is he has already established a track record in office. By declining to put meat on the bones of his policy proposals, Romney wouldn’t have any mandate from the voters if he does defeat Obama. In policy speeches, he’s somewhat more specific than he is at typical campaign stops, but even then there’s nothing resembling a comprehensive plan for budget balancing, job creation or tax reform."

Patriot Majority. Sounds like a teabag outfit, doesn't it? Not so fast, it's a liberal group that will start to run ads targeting the Koch brothers attempt to buy our government. "Billionaire oil tycoons Charles and David Koch and their special interest friends are $400 million to buy this year's elections and advance their agenda. What's their payback? Politicians who will pass laws that benefit special interests but hurt the middle class," a narrator in the minute-long spot says." Rumor has it they will throw a million into the pot to run ads through the election.

Gotta run...