Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catnip 8/22/12: Watch for the Romney Renewable Energy Flip-Flop


Under the freeway. 1000 px for the details.

One fearless prediction to make this morning: Mitt Romney, after trashing Obama's renewable energy efforts, after coming out against the wind production tax credit which has been obstructed by Republicans in Congress and is now costing America jobs in Colorado and Iowa, after citing the now thoroughly discredited oil company study that claimed renewable energy cost us jobs in his 59-point plan 'o nonsense - will now try to fool Americans into believing that he supports renewable energy.

How much you wanna bet? From Morning Energy:

ROMNEY TEASES ENERGY PLAN: Mitt Romney will outline a "comprehensive energy plan" later this week, he said Tuesday at a Houston fundraiser. "We will be, I believe, before the end of this week in New Mexico describing a comprehensive energy plan, particularly as it relates to fossil-based fuels. I know that we have members of the media here right now, so I'm not going to go through that in great detail so I can save a bit of that until a little later in the week," Romney told the attendees of the $50,000-per-ticket event. "But your input is something I wanted to retain before we actually cross the T's and dot the I's on those policies." Romney is scheduled to be in Hobbs, N.M., on Thursday.

And this:

PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME? Romney reiterated his "all of the above" energy policy at another fundraiser at the Petroleum Club in Midland, Texas, last night. "Oil, coal, gas, nuclear, renewables - it's all of the above, and in a serious way," he said. "And inexpensive, abundant energy will not only create energy jobs like you have here, but also manufacturing and other sectors that use energy will come back to America."

Now, do I expect him to turn into an all-out treehugger? No. He still will be pushing for coal and oil above all others - but watch him slip renewable energy in there because it's popular, and he's taking heat for his position, especially in the swing states mentioned above.

Bottom line: He's going to lie.

But I guess that's not really a fearless prediction after all, is it.