Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Catnip 8/7/12: Zombie Reagan Says "Vote!"


Vote! Michigan and Missouri are holding primaries today - I sent my absentee out weeks ago (yes, still a Michigan resident), proudly cast my vote for Trevor Thomas in Michigan's CD-03. Wishing him all the best. I see the establishment lined up against him, and to be honest I'm really glad I'm not there because I would have been pitching a fit about the nasty ads. Says a lot about the direction of the MDP - and it's obviously not about casting an eye to the younger voters and the future of the party. So be it.

Here now some news:

Zombie Reagan returns to play the welfare queen card. And once again, Mitt is flat-out lying about the President's position, and doing a total flip-flop on the position he held as governor. Par for the course of this campaign. Has anyone added up all the falsehoods yet? Has there ever been a campaign that has been this dishonest in history? "Romney might look like he’s not concerned about the needs of the 'very poor.' An Obama campaign official highlights a Truth Team fact sheet published last month, which argues that the president is merely giving states the kind of waiver flexibility Republicans have long wanted (including Romney in 2005)."

Romney ripped-off the Italian government for millions while he was at Bain. Fascinating (and telling of character) story from Bloomberg. James Downie at Morning Plum: "I’ve written before about what Romney’s 'profit-first' approach to leadership: It’s a more-than-acceptable path for business leaders, but voters should know they won’t be the ones benefiting from a Romney presidency."

"Romney Hood." Say it often. It needs to become a thing.

Priorities USA hits back with a chilling ad about how an employee that was laid-off in a Bain takeover lost his insurance - and his wife came down with cancer. Real world consequences of Mitt's "profit before people" policies. Greg Sargent: "It’s about creating a frame to make it easier for voters to accept that as difficult as it might be to believe, Romney really would implement policies that would benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class."

Christine Todd Whitman says that Romney needs to stand up to the radicals in the Republican base. Good luck with that, because they are the ones paying the bills and running his campaign. (See: lying, above)

Ezra tears apart the Romney campaign on the lack of detail in Mitt's policy plans: "It should not be considered partisan to demand details from the two men campaigning to be president. Both Republicans and Democrats should want to know the specifics of Romney’s tax plan. Both liberals and conservatives should insist that Romney reveal his plans to regulate the financial system. But so far, Romney has refused to give voters the most basic information about what he would do as president. That means he has refused to give voters the most basic information necessary for them to make an informed choice this November. That’s not acceptable. And neither voters nor the media should accept it."

About that fracking: Yet another report ties high pressure injection wells to earthquakes, this time in Texas.

We Can't Wait for renewable energy (see picture in post below), so the White House is going to expedite some solar and wind projects. Good. "The Obama administration on Tuesday said it will expedite seven renewable energy infrastructure projects-- several in battleground states--to power about 1.5 million homes. The proposed projects include wind and solar plants in Arizona, California, Wyoming and Nevada to be run by companies such as First Solar Inc. (FSLR) and NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE), the White House said in a press release. The White House said additional projects to be expedited will be announced in the coming weeks."

Off to see if the smoke has cleared the horizon...