Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Last Seat on Mount Davis


1000 px for a better look.

Mount Davis is what they call the upper deck at the Coliseum, it's usually covered by green tarp for the A's games. The view is actually better than what you see here - this has a bit of lens distortion for the wide angle. Wasn't allowed to bring in my telephoto lenses (3 inch or less), was quite lucky I got the camera through in the first place since video equipment isn't allowed either, and technically the 7D is a video camera as well.

Looking over the side? Ooo-eee, got a little woozy. It's way up there, above the video boards. You get a nice view of the water and the hills, and the sun shining on you helps with the chilly wind. I've got more pics from all around the stadium, and as usual, if I ever get a spare minute I will get them up.

Way different atmosphere than the A's games. It was a good time, but the camera issue, going through metal detectors, over-zealous rent-a-cops, drunken rowdy fans, fan "rules" that try to curtail that drunken rowdy behavior, all that stuff is kind of oppressive. It's as if every fan is a potential criminal. Makes it hard to relax and enjoy yourself. I'll still go to the A's (different crew and security run those), but I doubt I'll catch another Raiders game unless I get a free ticket or something.

Sad day for the Lions, but it's pre-season, so what the heck. Below is a Lions touchdown in flight.

Off to work again today... no rest in the 24/7 political world!