Friday, September 14, 2012

Catnip 9/14/12: Campaign Implodes in 3... 2... 1...


The bridge from Richmond to Marin, she really doesn't get the attention the others do. You can see San Quentin as you are heading north on this one.

Back to the news... and the portrait of a desperate man:

Nothing like calling your debate opponent a "liar" before they even begin. Going to do that to our adversaries too, Mittens? Won't we be well-loved across the world, just like we were under Bush! "Romney, who spent several days in debate prep last week as the Democratic National Convention was underway, said he's been studying Obama's performance at previous debates. The Republican presidential nominee added he's still trying to outline his strategy." Yes, for Mitt, it's not about ideas on improving the country or governance, it's about strategy of taking down your foe - but that much should be obvious by now.

The Chinese don't appreciate Romney's tough talk, threatening that a Romney presidency would be a disaster for the world. "In a strongly worded English-language commentary, Xinhua said Romney's anti-China rhetoric, if converted into policy upon him assuming office, would trigger a catastrophic trade war and damage the already weak global economic recovery." They then went on to point out the hypocrisy of a man who made his fortune outsourcing to Chinese companies now bashing the practice. And hey, where are all those righties who called the Democrats "xenophobic" when we brought up the issue of trade?

While the fossil fuel industry opens the wallet to make sure to keep this country dependent on our oil addiction while they kill the renewable industry, the speculators on the "free market" are responding to events in the Misddle East like they always do - jacking up the price of oil. "Crude oil hit a four-month high as the killing of the US ambassador to Libya and fears of unrest in the Middle East fuelled supply concerns in an already tight market." Watch the price at the pump climb, and remember the Republicans want to chain the country to this path.

Remember how Republicans lied about Obama gutting the welfare work requirements? Yeah, funny thing about that - they are pursuing legislation that would eliminate the work requirements altogether by giving the money to the states and letting them do whatever they want with it. This "block grant" move on everything is simply a prescription for corruption - ask the states that took stimulus money to pad their budget and pass more tax cuts. "States would be given so much flexibility that the restrictions in the 1996 welfare law need no longer apply, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service." Surprise! Not.

Well, lookit that, when Congress has their ass on the line, Congress can actually get something done.

And me, weeping for joy, as a Democrat stands up for clean energy innovation and speaks out against the GOP's bullshit Solyndra bill. "Silicon Valley’s Democratic representative said Republicans would handcuff U.S. competitiveness in clean technology if the GOP succeeds in ending a federal loan guarantee program... 'There is an urgent need for investment in new technologies in America,” Honda said. “There is an urgent need for venture risk in America, and the federal government must be involved through programs like the Department of Energy's loan guarantees.' " Hal-le-frickin-lu-jah. Can we all start rowing in the same direction now?

Gotta run, "Values Voters" and a certain viral video need my attention....