Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After Tomorrow Is Here


The ceiling at Neiman-Marcus in SF's Union Square.

Stop the campaign? Ha. Romney is campaigning in Ohio, so I'm campaigning here. Someone has to save FEMA.

Prayers for those on the East Coast.

Hurricane Sandy: Losses Estimated at $45 Billion "With about one-fifth of the U.S. affected directly by Hurricane Sandy, tragic human loss reached 69 in the Caribbean, and U.S. economic losses could range around $35 billion to $45 billion. However, those losses in consumer and business spending as much of the East Coast shuts down for safety reasons, will not likely be permanent economic losses, said Peter Morici, former chief economist with the U.S. International Trade Commission. In fact, there could be a net gain in U.S. GDP two years from now due to a boost in employment and activity for rebuilding efforts."

As Governor, Mitt Romney Was Slow To Respond To Disasters In His State, Local Critics Say Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney argues that federal disaster response should be handled at the state level, but when disaster struck Massachusetts, he was missing in action, according to some of the state’s local politicians.... On the first day, Forgey says she did not hear from Romney. Nor the second day. Nor the third. Romney wasn’t in Massachusetts when the flood hit, and the emergency did not alter his plans. The Associated Press reported at the time that the governor had been scheduled to speak to an economic club in North Carolina.

Mitt Romney’s voodoo spending cuts "More worrying is what we might call Romney’s voodoo spending cuts: His promise that his promised spending cuts, despite being deeper than any in modern history, won’t hurt anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason. In fact – shades of supply-side economics here — they’ll probably make government services even better."

Romney’s Jeep-to-China lie earns brutal headlines in Ohio As David Plouffe wrote in his memoir of Campaign 2008, the Obama team has long thought that a good way to reach independents and undecided voters is via local media in key battleground states. So it’s worth taking a look at how the battle over Mitt Romney’s latest falsehood — that the auto bailout will result in American Jeep jobs getting shipped to China — is playing in the Ohio media, since this claim represents Romney’s last chance to turn things around in the state. (answer: not good)

Columbus Dispatch Fact Check on Romney's Jeep ad.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Flailing in Ohio, Romney rolls out Jeep ploy" "It won't work. Ohio voters know who stepped up when the auto industry was at the abyss -- and it wasn't Romney."

4 Pinocchios for Mitt Romney’s misleading ad on Chrysler and China When a campaign does not announce a television ad, it’s a good sign that it knows it is playing fast and loose with the truth. Indeed, this is an excellent example of an ad that has a series of statements that individually might be factually defensible, but the overall impression is misleading.

G.O.P. Turns Fire on Obama Pillar, the Auto Bailout It is a high-risk strategy: Jeep’s corporate parent, Chrysler, had already released a scathing statement calling suggestions that Jeep was moving American jobs to China “fantasies” and “extravagant”; news media outlets here and nationally have called the Romney campaign’s statements — initially based on a poorly worded quotation from Chrysler in a news article that was misinterpreted by blogs — misleading....Bruce Baumhower, the president of the United Auto Workers local that oversees the major Jeep plant here, said Mr. Romney’s initial comments on moving production to China drew a rash of calls from members concerned about their jobs. When he informed them Chrysler was, in fact, is expanding its Jeep operation here, he said in an interview, “The response has been, ‘That’s pretty pitiful.’ ”

Norm Coleman to Ohio voters: Mitt Won’t Repeal Roe v. Wade "His point about Roe v. Wade — made in response to a question “regarding what he would say to voters who are worried about the influence of religious conservatives on the Republican Party,” according to Bowman — may come as news to Romney’s supporters in the anti-abortion community, who see him as their opportunity to finally overturn the decision they see as a travesty."

WHY MITT’S TALK OF BIPARTISANSHIP IS DUBIOUS: “First and foremost: Romney’s ‘readiness’ team has been meeting with national Republicans in Washington about the GOP nominee’s No. 1 campaign promise: how he’ll repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law…that will hardly foster the bipartisan atmosphere that Romney has recently lauded,” Jake Sherman and James write....“Romney’s team would like Congress to pass a package of targeted reductions of already approved spending soon after the Republican is installed in the White House…

BAIN IS BACK IN THREE NEW ANTI-ROMNEY ADS: “The late emphasis on Bain, Democratic strategists say, reflects both the potency of Bain as an attack against Romney in general, and the pivotal significance of Midwestern states such as Ohio where the Bain message is especially resonant,” Alex Burns and Maggie Haberman report.

VIRGINIA SENATE-ALLEN ASKS FOR EMERGENCY DONATIONS: "Just as the outer ring of Sandy began to pelt Virginia Monday morning, George Allen sent a curiously timed e-mail to supporters seeking 'emergency' donations," per Dave Catanese "Please make an emergency donation ... I need your help NOW... I MUST raise $112,000 immediately to pay for more television ads," Allen wrote. Pleading for funds late in the game is nothing new, but invoking the word "emergency" in the middle of a real state of emergency is questionable judgment at best. Allen's opponent Tim Kaine has suspended all fundraising appeals to Virginians for now. The Kaine campaign last blasted an appeal on midday Saturday."