Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of the Line


The bottom of Lake Merritt, the channel opened to boats for the first time 144 years. The Lake is going to be reconnected to the Bay, with restored wetlands for wildlife and new bike paths and amenities for the public. They still have a bit of work to finish up, grand opening is expected this June.

The water now currently runs through a park at Laney College and down to 880, where there seems to be both highway and shipping storage underneath, so I'm not sure if you'd ever be able to boat all the way to the Bay. Still, it's going to be very nice when it's totally done and so much better for critters and people and water alike.

News. Oh dear God. If you read one thing today, read this: "Ending the permanent crisis"

The nation is exhausted with fake crises that voters thought they ended with their verdict in the last election. Those responsible for the Washington horror show should be held accountable. And only one party is using shutdowns, cliffs and debt ceilings as routine political weapons.

The next hostage will be the shutdown date of March 27th. Republicans are already tacitly admitting this is about 2014, the very real damage to our economy and people is being done for partisan purposes only.

Fortunately the public sees through it at this moment. We need to make sure they remember it down the road.