Monday, February 18, 2013

San Francisco Says "No" to Keystone

Some choice shots from the Forward on Climate Keystone protest in San Francisco that drew over 4,000 today. Interesting bit of news released as tens of thousands across America raised their voices in concern:

A Nebraska utility says the new route for a proposed oil pipeline that would carry Canadian crude oil through the state will delay work on electric transmission lines for the pipeline. Nebraska Public Power District officials said they won't be able to build the transmission lines by the deadline TransCanada set for the end of 2014.

NPPD Chief Operating Officer Tom Kent said there's no way the transmission lines will be ready by 2015, the Columbus Telegram reported.

That will buy a couple more years of delay.

For the record I'm pretty resigned to this happening. Not only is it a popular idea with Americans in general, we will seriously piss off the Canadians if we don't do it. The hope at this point is that President Obama will get some of his renewable energy and climate agenda through in trade.

Still, it's great to see awareness grow to the point where people take to the streets. Makes it harder for the fossil crowd from here on out.

Update: A big thanks to my friends at The Political Carnival for featuring these shots and putting a great post around them. This blog is pretty much dead, but that got some eyeballs. Much appreciated!