Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cow Crossing


Agile cows out on Highway 1... not quite sure where those cows were and exactly where they were going to go, because to the left it was straight down the rocks to the Pacific.

This is north of Jenner. Looking at the dry husks on the right you can see how wildfires get started and race down the hills - and this year might be a bad one for that. California is in the middle of a severe two-year drought that threatens the state's water supply; a shortage in the Sierra snowpack means that southern Cal can expect to see 40% of what they usually get. Plans have been drawn up for a major water tunnel system to run through the Delta, but coming up with $23B is not in the cards at this moment.

Starting to wonder if there is any part of the country that is experiencing "normal" weather. The abnormalities abound.