Monday, March 11, 2013

Grand Lake


Across the lake shot of the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland. You can see the sign from my favorite movie theater sticking up above the buildings. It's a nice neighborhood with shopping and sidewalk restaurants and of course the park and lake close by. Almost moved here when I first landed - but it would have been nearly $500 more a month, so I'm glad that I found something a bit cheaper and still within walking distance.

Short note: Read Greg Sargent this morning:

Imagine that Mitt Romney had decisively defeated Obama in the 2012 election on a platform of tax cuts for the rich and deep cuts to government as the only way to reduce the deficit, dramatically repudiating the President’s call for higher taxes on the wealthy, continued implementation of the biggest expansion of the safety net in 60 years, and more government spending to boost the economy.

Then imagine that Democrats in the Senate (the only part of government they controlled) responded to this by proposing to dramatically expand health care and stimulus spending and pay down the deficit only with 100 percent tax hikes — and not a single penny more in spending cuts — and on top of that, then suggested President Romney has failed to sincerely try to find common ground with them.

This is pretty much what Republicans did on the Sunday shows yesterday — in reverse. On Fox News Sunday, Paul Ryan confirmed that his budget will repeal Obamacare (even as he counts in his budget the $700 billion in Obamacare Medicare cuts that Republicans campaigned against in 2012). The Ryan budget will supposedly wipe out the deficit in 10 years. This likely will mean even deeper cuts than the ones in his previous budget, which represented the GOP’s fiscal agenda writ large and broadly speaking was rejected by voters last November.

Americans don't want the Republican fiscal or social agenda. Only question left is whether or not the Democrats have the spine to stand up, point this out, and stop it from happening. If not, the President and the Democrats will take the blame for the consequences. Republicans know this, and plan to use those very consequences in 2014. Has everyone forgotten the Romney ads on Medicare already?

I've seen this movie before. It was called "Election 2010."

Learn the lesson yet? We are about to find out.