Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Luck From The Castro


The Castro Flag in honor of Harvey Milk, and the pink triangle on Twin Peaks, from last year's Pride celebration.

Today, let justice be served. My best to all who have fought the good fight.

Equality will come. You can count on it. From Greg Sargent:

Just think: In 1972, gays were permitted to speak at the Democratic convention for the first time. Forty years later, gay marriage is in the party platform and it has been endorsed by an American president. The real credit here doesn’t go to public officials who belatedly acknowledged the inevitable, and ultimately were followers in the footsteps of a movement that helped compel an inexorable shift in public attitudes towards greater social tolerance. But it is nonetheless remarkable — and a testament to the power of that shift — to witness a president use his inaugural address for the first time to place the battle for gay rights in the context of the nation’s other great civil rights struggles, and explicitly claim that our quest for a perfect union won’t be complete until gays enjoy fully equal treatment before the law.

Incredibly, that goal — victory in a battle that first and foremost is about dignity, tolerance, and equality — is now a real possibility. Which is why people are massing outside the Supreme Court this morning, in hopes of catching a glimpse of civil rights history — of American history — in the making.

I don't think I'm going to be here when the decision comes down, but my hopes are that there will be a huge party here in June. Onward to victory...