Thursday, March 21, 2013



Continuing my Market Street tour, you may remember this as the background from my Pride pictures last year. The Orpheum opened in 1926, and is owned by the same folks who own the Golden Gate down the road.

Have to get this story out there one more time:

Clean-energy jobs make up a small part of U.S. employment, but a new federal report shows they are growing much faster than other work, even healthcare.

The nation had about 3.4 million green energy jobs in 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday in its second annual and final look at this emerging category of employment. (More on why it's the last report later.)

In all, so-called green jobs accounted for just 2.6% of all employment that year, but a comparison with 2010 data shows that these jobs grew at four times the rate of all the others combined. Green employment jumped 4.9% in 2011 from the prior year. That compares with a gain of 1.2% for all jobs and 2.7% for restaurants, 1.7% for manufacturing and 1.8% for healthcare, which is often seen as the fastest-growing sector.

Why is this the last report? Republican teaquester cuts. And, since the Republicans and their fossil-fuel sugar daddies *coughKochcough* are actively trying to roll-back both industry tax credits and renewable portfolio standards, remember this if and when we start to move backwards.

Then, vote accordingly in 2014. The states who continue on this path will get the jobs and investment, the states who turn away will be left behind.

It's your choice America.