Thursday, April 11, 2013

Budgeting the Weather


If we aren't going to stop dumping all this shit in the air, we better set aside some funding for the clean-up.

The White House budget proposal would provide funding for communities to help boost their resilience to climate change, a topic receiving more attention in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Sandy and other violent weather.

The Transportation Department’s fiscal year 2014 plan includes the resiliency effort as part of a broader, $10 billion plan to help spur state and local “innovation” in infrastructure development.

“Of the innovation-spurring proposal, $200 million will fund communities that include enhanced resilience to extreme weather and other impacts of climate change in their planning efforts, and that have proposed, or are ready to break ground on, infrastructure projects to improve resilience,” the budget plan states.

$200 mil is nowhere near enough, but as the story goes this effort will be spread out. Regular infrastructure upgrades will start to take into account extreme weather changes.

And this budget never makes in through Congress anyway, but at least we have reached awareness.